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The pharmaceutical industry spans a range of sub sectors, all of which may benefit from Pharmaceutical R&D Tax Credit.   These  include:

The industry spans human and all other living creatures in need of drugs or intervention.

Significant regulation surrounds the Pharma Industry. As a result it is often the case that trusted companies work together in the development and supply chain.  Starting at research, to the theoretical application and development of technology to bring the concept into existence.  Therefore the possibility of a Pharmaceutical R&D Tax Credit arises at all stages of the process to the point of delivery.

It is this tight knit chain that can lead many companies to not claim R&D tax relief.  There is often a lack of understanding as to who can claim in this chain. More often than not, the middle-link in the wider project, the subcontracting company is eligible to make the claim.

HMRC recognize that drug discovery has many phases.  In many ways some phases are not R&D in the traditional sense, yet the costs incurred can still qualify for relief.  For example testing and analysing results.

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