Capital Allowances for Business Property Purchases

Uncover £10,000’s of unclaimed Tax relief

Capital Allowances Explained

Capital Allowances are a form of tax relief that applies to commercial property and the fixtures, plant, equipment etc. within them. You can retrospectively claim for items embedded within their property at the point of purchase.

This includes bathroom/toilet fittings, lighting, fire safety systems, security systems, electrical wiring, air conditioning and many other items that can be classified as “plant & machinery” under HMRC guidelines.

Capital Allowances reduce your taxable profits, meaning you pay tax on a smaller figure and retain more of your profits.


Won't my accountant be doing this already?

Most general practice accountancy firms would be claiming asset capital allowances on movable items of plant and machinery (IT equipment, machinery, vehicles etc). However due to the difficulties of accurately valuing systems imbedded in a property and the maze of case law in this area, the services of a specialist are required to access the property capital allowances.

In most cases, property owners are entitled to claim capital allowances on part of the price paid to buy the property. For some buildings, this can be up to 40%.

Items eligible for capital allowances

Other qualifying items include:

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Who Can Claim?

Owners of business property, freehold or leasehold, and paying UK corporation tax or UK income tax.

Business property owners are eligible to claim if they are a company, sole trader or partnership and are carrying on a trade or a property letting business.


There is no time limit to make the claim, providing you still own the property and the fixtures in the tax year you submit the claim. This means that even if you bought your property in the 1980’s, 90’s or sold it up to 2 years ago, you may still be able to claim the tax relief now

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What we offer

No Win No Fee

O win no fee service with no upfront costs. Our fee is based on a percentage of the allowances we find.


Free, no obligation property survey to identify the full scope of fixtures that qualify.


We comply will all UK tax legislation and HMRC guidelines.


We make the process quick and simple for our clients. A cash rebate could be in your bank in as little as four weeks.


Unlike other advisors we don’t just prepare the report, we do all the work from beginning to end.

1.  Eligibility evaluation

We carry out face-to-face onsite visits to identify the true value of your qualifying activities and associated expenditure, to achieve an optimised financial benefit.

What is the claim process?

We make the process of claiming capital allowances simple by doing all the hard work for you.

See our simple 5 step process below:

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1. Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation we discuss the background to claiming capital allowances and how this may apply to your property. At this stage we will require some basic information to enable us to pre-qualify you for a claim. For example, purchase price, date of purchase, type of property, your tax position etc

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2. Validation

At the validation stage a member of our technical team will review the case and determine whether you have entitlement to make a claim and calculate the potential tax savings you can obtain. If you then wish to proceed with a claim, we will carry out our client onboarding.


3. Survey

Once our client take onboarding process has been completed, one of our experienced surveyors will carry out a capital allowances survey of your property.

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4. The Capital Allowances Valuation Report (CAVR)

Once the survey is complete our technical team prepare a report that values the building structure, the land and all the qualifying fixtures within the property. This report is then sent for approval, either to yourself or your accountant.

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5. Submission to HMRC

Once the CAVR is approved, we will submit the report to HMRC. If required, we will deal with any queries from HMRC, however we generally find that our reports rarely generate any queries.

The process for most claims takes approx. 6-10 weeks from start to receiving your refund.

How much tax could I save?

Our process is fully compliant with HMRC and designed to get our clients the maximum tax refund.


The repayments would be double for higher rate taxpayers.

Building types we claim capital allowances on:

Ready to apply?

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